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Lisitea Shock Absorber CO2 up to 120 Bar

The Shock Absorber for CO2 high pressure ducting (up to 120 Bar) has been developed in order to meet changed market needs about a low environment impact demands. According with the recent European legislation, is growing the use of natural fluids such as Carbon Dioxide in the industrial and commercial refrigeration sectors.


The Vibration Absorber for R744 ducts

The CO2 Natural Refrigerant Systems up to 120 Bar pressures

In the industrial and commercial refrigeration sector the use of CO2 as heat exchange fluid, compared with CFC refrigerants, has a very low environmental footprint.

The Lisitea Shock Absorbers for R744 Refrigeration Systems are able to eliminate the transmission of circuit vibrations as well as compensate for thermal expansion up to 120 Bar.

Advantages of Carbon Dioxide as Heat Transfer Fluid

The Carbon Dioxide (R744) is a natural substance that has high heat exchange properties, so it is starting to be used as a fluid in refrigeration systems. The R744 refrigerant has the advantages of being:

  • Non-inflammable and non-explosive
  • Not toxic
  • Recyclable

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