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Shock Absorber 120 Bar CO2

The innovative Lisitea Engineering CO2 Shock Absorber for ducts and Refrigeration Systems up to 120 Bar pressures.

Refrigeration Plants

Vibration Absorbers flexible joints for installations in discharge and suction pipes of Refrigeration Compressors and Air Conditioning Systems.


This line of products is designed to meet the many needs of Customers in the Automotive and Thermo-hydraulic Sectors.

Industrial Components

Flexible and Flanged Hoses for use in the harshest environmental conditions: high and low temperatures and aggressive fluids.

Lisitea Cert. ISO  9001 2015

Lisitea Engineering: Flexible Solutions

Lisitea Engineering S.R.L. designs, manufactures and markets Steel Flexible Hoses for Automotive, Industrial and Refrigeration sectors since 1990.

We are able to process and adapt the product according to the market needs or the particular needs of the Customers.

Hydraulic Forming

Customized Products

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S.S. 150, Km 10 + 500 Pian. di Notaresco
64024 - Notaresco (TE)

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