Industrial Components



Flexible and flanged hoses are widely used in the most severe environmental conditions (such as high and low temperatures and aggressive fluids): the business as usual for a metal pipe used in any industrial sector. The pipes are manufactured taking into account temperatures, pressures and lengths according to the required applications. The target sectors range from naval, to food, pharmaceutical as well as chemical.

The technical specifications for the Lisitea Engineering industrial field products are:
  • Parallel waveguide in AISI 321 or AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Metallic braid in AISI 304 Steel
  • Temperatures, Pressures and Lengths depending on the destination

Expansion joints with fixed flanges

Expansion joints with a fixed flange and a swivel

Flexible expansion joints with carbon steel sleeves

Flexible expansion joints with stainless steel sleeves

Single wall flexible flexible handles with IRON rings

Single wall flexible hose with screw in IRON

Industrial modifications