Lisitea Products

Lisitea Engineering products are manufactured either by hydraulic or mechanical process, although both can be used during machining.

The methods used allow steel to keep all its strength and flexibility properties intact: sheet thickness is not altered, and fatigue resistance is greater.

Our manufacturing process ensures all of our products have strong resistance to corrosion, vibration, as well as high and low temperatures.

Flexible Metal Hoses


Thanks to our company’s Technical Office, hose length and diameter can be varied upon request.

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Refrigeration Plants


The anti-vibration flexible joints are installed in the delivery and suction pipes of refrigerating and conditioning compressors.

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This line of products is designed to meet the many needs of customers in the automotive and plumbing sectors.

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Industrial Components


Flexible and flanged hoses are widely used in the most severe environmental conditions (such as high and low temperatures and aggressive fluids).

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