About us

Lisitea Engineering: Flexible Solutions

We have been in business since 1990, starting off from a small space of about 500 square meters and a limited production of flexible metal tubes.

The reliability and high performance level of our products, coupled with a strong spirit of enterprise, have allowed us to enhance and diversify the range of our supplies.

Nowadays, Lisitea Engineering relies on a new operating site of about 2000 square meters and is able to produce, transform and market a wide range of flexible metal tubes. It is also able to provide its customers with small, medium and large batches, both standard and tailor-made.

We create and transform the corrugated pipe into components which cater for industrial sectors such as:
  • Automotive
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial Plants and Engines

Our Flexible Metal Hoses

Over the years, Lisitea Engineering has developed the know-how to produce increasingly superior quality leads. In fact, the products are manufactured through either mechanical or hydraulic processes or, depending on their intended use, also both.
Basing on the choice of metal tube processing, it will acquire those features needed for the set target. In addition, the thickness of the metal sheet remains unvaried during the process, and steel does not undergo any fatigue; This provides the product with perfect flexibility and a greater fatigue resistance.

Our Quality

The common factor of all Lisitea Engineering products is the high resistance to low and high temperatures, as well as to corrosion and vibration.

Our whole staff is involved in the production cycle, in a teamwork that allows our clients to transform any idea into practical and concrete solutions. This, thanks to the design autonomy of the Technical Office, provides for continuous improvement.

Product and material quality, flexibility, and attention to customer needs are the cornerstones on which the modus operandi of Lisitea Engineering is based.

ISO 9001 Lisitea Engineering S.R.L.